To the Archangels

This poem may seem more inherently Catholic than “To Our Lady of Simple Things, since it references angels by name as “saints,” but it focuses on regarding them as the Queen of Heaven’s court eunuchs, an idea that has been suggested as the origin of the concept of angels and one that appeals to me as a transfeminine non-binary person who sometimes identifies as a eunuch.

“To the Archangels”
20 September 2018, in Catonsville, Maryland

All-honored servants of high Heaven’s Queen,
Out of your mouths, her words are clearly spoke,
And by your hands, her work is deftly done:
Please bless us that we too may serve the gods.

Saint Michael, with stout courage and swift sword,
You stand between the darkness and the light:
Give us the courage and the steadfast strength
To aid the weak and all who are in need.

Saint Gabriel, whose voice is strong and clear,
You speak the truth from high for all to hear:
Give us the wisdom and the winged words
To counsel and console our fellow folk.

Saint Raphael, with holy, healing hands,
You cure the sick and all who need your aid:
Give us the softness and the gentle touch
To comfort and to lessen suffering.

Chief ministers of Heaven’s holy Court,
Custodians of this and all the worlds:
We praise the works your labors have achieved,
And pray you grant that we may also serve.