To Niphada

I was introduced to Niphada shortly after I left chemistry graduate school in Boston and moved back to Maryland. She is very fond of cats, so I thought it appropriate that her poem address her as a cat.

“To Niphada”
June 2018, in Catonsville, Maryland

I love you as I would love a cat:
Because you are wary, and make me earn your trust.
Because you can be soft and fluffy, or clawed and fierce.
And because I know you are wise in choosing which to be.

I worry about you as I would worry about a cat:
Because you depend so much on humans, and humans suck.
Because you are so easily stressed and made anxious.
And because I know that my scritches can’t fix everything.

I have faith in you as I would have faith in a cat:
Because you choose to be there for me when I need you.
Because you show your love to those who are worthy of it.
And because I know that you are Good.