Early Nature Poems

The first two of these poems were written in high school, and are among the earliest poems I wrote. At the time, I was deeply obsessed with space travel and the idea of colonizing the solar system and I wrote a lot of kind of absurd poems about space travel. These two, which are about the solar system more than space travel, are quite good, I think.


“The Classical Planets”

The third poem, “Fall in California,” was my first poem written in college, and was largely an expression of homesickness and missing autumn while a freshman in school in Los Angeles.

“Fall in California”

Finally, “Stars” and “Moonshine” are a twinned pair of poems written in the same weekend during the winter of my freshman year in college. “Stars” expresses feelings similar to some of the ones in my later Aeonist poems, while “Moonshine” foreshadows some of my later hymns to the Hellenic gods.